Remaining Time

Abstracts only may be submitted via internet and online submission module on congress official web-site.

Abstracts submitted via e-mail and via post will be counted as invalid.

Deadline for the Abstract Submission 04 August 2017, Friday
Announcement for the Abstract Acceptance  25 August 2017, Friday

Abstracts must give an result message and be useful for scientific development. Abstracts will be printed same as sent by web-site thence all article writing rules has to be controlled. Authors are responsible for all misspelling.
Abstract Type
-Oral Abstract
-Poster Abstract
-Liberal Dentist' Case Presentation (Liberal Dentist should upload of pre-treatment for before and post treatment to the system in the category of Case Presentation)

Abstracts Submisson Spelling Rules

1. Abstracts will be collected by online submission system.
2. One person can submit two posters and one oral abstract.
3. Academic title should not be used for names of author.
-First letters of the names must be capital letters.
Eg: Name Surname
4. Authors' institution name and address must be mentioned.
Eg: Xxxx University Medical School, ABD
5. Headline should explain the context of the study. All words in the abstract headline should be capital letter except for reversed words such as "pH and NaCI" . In addition headline should be maximum 10 words.
6. If there are abbreviations in the abstract abbreviations’ meanings should be stated in the parenthesis.

7.  Abstracts should include the parts:
 a) Aim
 b) Material and methods
 c) Results
 d) Conclusions
8. Abstract text may not be longer than 300 words except headline name, author' name and lastname.
9. Tables are allowed to use but figures and pictures are not allowed. (Photos will used in Liberal Dentists' Case Presentation)
10. Accepted poster abstracts will be used as E-poster in the congress. E-poster preparation and presentation details will be set by Scientific Committee. Accepted E-posters will be sent to abstract owners.
11. Accepted oral abstracts will be presented in the seperated meeting room in the time that Scientific Committee fixed. Presentation details will be sent to oral abstract owner.

Any abstract submitted without the rules will be counted invalid.

Abstract Assessment:

Abstacts will be assessed by concealing name/surname and institutions of the researchers on the internet by Abstract Assessment Committee. At least one of the researchers should have completed congress registration for the assessment of the abstracts. Scientific Committe has right to decide and change e-poster or oral presentation and decide it. Assessment result will be sent to the all abstract owners and we kindly request that they should pay attention to the final decision on presentations details.
Certificate of Participation:

Will be awarded on site. It is required for presenters to present physically their posters at times specified.