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Dear Colleagues,

There are dazzling academic and technological developments happening in our profession. Our invitation is to see where the science and technology reached, to update our knowledge, to enjoy being with our friends and colleagues. In the past, I remember the inexperience, excitement and happiness we had when TDA organized its first congress.

Today we are getting ready to host you not with the inexperience but with the same excitment and happiness.

TDA 21st International Dental Congress that we are going to carry out, is the biggest, the most glorious organization in our country in its field with its academic and social program and the exhibition. The rising of the TDA congressess had peaked with 101st FDI Istanbul Congress in 2013 which we have the pride to host.

We are getting ready for a congress in Istanbul that will be remembered again after such successful organizations like FDI and TDA 20th International Dental Congress in Aydın. In these successes our valuable colleagues' attention and participation definetely has the biggest share.

Please save 28th-29th-30th May 2015.

We will be waiting for you.
See you soon.

Murat Ersoy
President of Istanbul Chamber of Dentistry and the Organisation Committee

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