Remaining Time

Tolga Şitilci

Dr. Sitilci was born in İstanbul, Turkey, graduated from the Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in 1999. Then he began to work as a medical general practitioner at the private practice. He passed The Turkish National Medical Specialty Board in 2004 and he began to work as an anesthesiology resident at Department of Anaesthesiology of Istanbul Education and Research Hospital. In 2008, he completed his education programme and passed board exams. Then he was appointed to Darende State Hospital, Malatya, for compulsory service as an Anaesthesiologist by Turkish Republic  Ministry of Health. After his mission were completed at there, Doctor Sitilci joined the Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry in İstanbul, where today he is still Assistant Professor of Anaesthesiology from 2010.  He is working on Dental General Anaesthesiology and Sedation. He is aimed to become prevalent sedation for dental procedures in Turkey. 

Dental Approach to Medical Problems - Identifying and Managing the Disease

In daily dental practice, patients with many medical problems are encountered and there are concerns about complications that may develop and their treatment.
Keeping up-to-date information about the preparation of the patients and the likelihood of complications for dentists is essential to better serve to the patients with madical problems.