Remaining Time

Haktan Yurdagüven

Dr. Haktan Yurdagüven graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1991. He received his Phd degree  on ‘Restorative Dentistry’ in 2001 from İstanbul University. He works as a faculty member at Yeditepe University department of Restorative Dentistry since 2002. Dr. Yurdaguven was promoted to Associate Professorship in 2012. Dr. Yurdagüven’s  mainly lectures  and courses on ‘Diastema clouser’, ‘Fibers in dentistry’, ‘Indirect  restorations (inlay, overlay, endocrown) cavity preparation with dental microscope’ .

Fibers in Dentistry: What is? Where is? How?

Fibers and fiber reinforced composites (FRCs) are universally used in industry and building construction, decoration, medical applications, sports equipment, electronics and other industrial products. This technology are more and more widely applied in dentistry.  In dental practice FRCs are used for periodontal splints, fixed partial dentures, root canal posts, orthodontic appliances, and some other indirect restorations.  FRCs is a typical composite resin made of an organic matrix that is reinforced by fine thin fibers (glass, polyethylene, quartz) which have high tensile strength and a high flexural modulus. Fiber reinforcement provides the composite structure with better biomechanical performance. In this lecture, general information  will be given about what is fibers and FRCs? Where and how can we use fibers and FRCs in dental practice?