Remaining Time

Çağla Şar

Dr. Çağla ŞAR had graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 2003 and had her PhD degree between 2004-2009 at Başkent University Department of Orthodontics. She continued her academic career, getting assistant professor degree in 2011 and associate professor degree in 2014 at the same faculty. She has been working in Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry since 2016. Dr. Şar  has many national and international publications and book chapter authorships. Currently, she is the associate editor of Turkish Journal of Orthodontics and has been studying on Class 3 malocclusions, skeletal anchorage techniques, molar distalization, functional treatments and Archwise distraction technique clinically.

Importance Of Timing In Orthodontic Treatments 
One of the critical decisions in orthodontic treatment planning is treatment timing. There are conflicting ideas about early orthodontic treatment modalities, which are applied during deciduous or mixed dentition stages. Although early treatment applications demonstrate advantages including usage of the growth potential, minimizing the need for complex treatment mechanics, improving the stability of the result, there are instances when the treatment should be postponed. In this presentation differential diagnosis, treatment planning and early orthodontic treatment applications used in the treatment of frequent orthodontic situations such as spacing problems, anterior/posterior crossbites, increased overjet, deepbite/openbite will be discussed.