Remaining Time

Fulya Özdemir

She received her diploma of Dental Surgery from İstanbul University Dental Faculty in 1993, and her PhD in 1998 from Marmara University Health Sciences Institude, at the end of postgraduate program in Orthodontics. She started working at Yeditepe University in 2001 and was appointed as Assoc.Prof. in 2006 and as Professor in 2014. She served as Department Chair and Medical Director of Dental hospital. In 2016 She left Yeditepe Univ., and  currently working in her private practice. She is married with two daughters and a son.

İnterdisciplinary Management of Orthodontic Treatment Need in Children and Young Adults

Agenesis and impaction of teeth, and management of the related functional and esthetic problems most of the time need a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach. In this speech, the interdisciplinary nature of this kind of management will be emphasized on case examples while revisiting current literature.

From the Point of View of the Orthodontist

This speech considers oral trauma summarizing the view and approach of the orthodontist.
The evidence available in the current literature and clinical examples will be discussed, special attention given to the role of the orthodontist in the interdisciplinary team, orthodontic tooth movement of the traumatized teeth, relocation and stabilization, and the long term implications of early traumatic injuries that would need interdisciplinary management.