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Nazan Küçükkeleş

She has done her PhD  in 1984-1989 in Orthodontic Department of Marmara University  in Istanbul  where she became a professor and the vice dean in year 2002. She chaired the Orthodontic Department of Marmara University  in  2006-2011. She executed the editor in chief position of Turkish Journal of Orthodontics in 2004-2008 and elected as president of Society in 2010-2012.She has many  publications and  presentations and giving clinical courses in european countries since over 15 years. She is an active member of Angle Society of Europe. She has been studying on treatment protocoles of true Class III over 15 years.Her other topics are ; orthopaedic treatment of skeletal malocclusions, orthognathic surgery cases, treatment of Class III ,vertical anomalies, maxillary expansion ,mini screws and lingual technique.

Lingual Treatment Applications in Adult Orthodontics
Nowadays more adults are demanding for orthodontic treatment instead of prosthetic restorations for having a nice smile. Sometimes orthodontic treatment is mandatory for a good restoration in these patients. They also demand for invisible techniques. So aligners and lingual brackets became more popular in the last decade although the cost is comparatively higher than the buccal technique. Indication for Aligners are comparatively limited and need cooperation while these are not the issues in Lingual technique. Lingual brackets are getting smaller in size and being more specific through technological advances. It is possible to bond them directly or indirectly. Standart brackets are available in the market and can be bonded directly for simple cases while there are alternatives such as customized (casted) types for more complicated cases. During this presentation these applications will be presented together with case samples.