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Mario Kirste

Dr. Mario Kirste M.Sc. is an experienced implantologist. Since 1991 he is working in his own dental office and also performs surgical procedures in various dental offices in the greater Berlin area. Dr. Kirste advances the field of implantology by contributing to long-term clinical studies and through establishing and teaching novel, innovative techniques for bone augmentation. Dr. Kirste was trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the department for oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Clinic Frankfurt (Oder) and graduated from the Humboldt University (Berlin) in 1996. He is a member of the DGI (German society for implantology) since 2003 and the International Team for Implantology (ITI) since 2005. In 2007, he gained his Masters of Science degree in implantology from the Danube University (Krems/Vienna).  


Intraosseous anaestesia in oral implantology (Europaen Journal for Dental Implantologists 2013 )
Case report - New zirconia implant system Zeramex P (Dental Point Switzerland), Implantology in practice 4/2013 PIP
Case report New PEG membrane (MembraGel Straumann Switzerland) 3/2012 Starget
Competence for restoration on the bone level (Dentale Implantologie & Parodontologie, 2009)
Balloon-Lift-Control-System (BLC) and the elevation of the sinus lining: deliberations, preclinical and clinical studies. (Master thesis, 2007)
Replacement of a left middle incisor in the maxilla – prosthetic restoration with Straumann Computer-aided Restoration Service (CARES) (Starget (3) 2006)
CAD/CAM-manufactured abutment for an ideal emergence profile – fast and made to measure (DZW ZahnTechnik (12) 2006)

Recent Presentations and Training Courses

Zeramex, a new zircon implant system (User course, Hamburg, Germany 2014, Berlin 2016)
Minimally invasive method for ridge spreading with bone management and piezo surgery (Presentation, International Bone Management Network, Berlin, Luzern, Zaragossa, Germany, 2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015, 2016 )
Piezosurgery in Implantology (Workshop, 13. Annual Meeting DGZI, 2010)
3D-navigation: preventing risks taking advantage of opportunities (Presentation, International SKY-Meeting - Congress for Implantology and Prosthetics Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 2010)
Augmentation procedures - simple and secure with Balloon-Lift-Control, Split-Control and Crest-Control (Training course program, International Bone Management Network, Warsaw, Poland; Tallinn, Poznan, Lviv, Estonia; Berlin, Leipzig, Greifswald and Magdeburg, Germany, 2009 - 2016)
Tooth extraction: initial bone management (extraction techniques, osteotomy, socket preservation)
Measures to improve bone with split control (Practical courses, International Bone Management Network, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009)

Sinusfloor Elevation
In 1994 He made his first sinusfloor elevation , the classical concept from the first describer Prof Hilt Tatum. He prepared the lateral access in the facial sinus wall, elevated carefully the Schneiderian membrane and filled the space with Patients own hip sponge.
In his lecture He will report about his experiences with different indirect and direct sinus treatment possibility’s. He will explain the changes and we should talk about bonsubstitutes, collagen membranes. He will show you his emergency concept in the case of injured or ruptured schneiderian membran.