Remaining Time

Iain L. C. Chapple

Iain Chapple is Professor of Periodontology and Head of the School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham UK. He is former Scientific Editor of the British Dental Journal and Journal of Periodontal Research and currently Associate Editor of the Journal Clinical Periodontology and Periodontology 2000. He has written 7-textbooks, 16 book chapters, was President of the IADR Periodontal Research Group (2006-7), Group Program Chair (2008-1015) and is currently their Council rep. Iain was Treasurer of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) 2007-2013, co-organizes the EFPs Workshops, was Chairman of the EFPs Scientific Advisory Committee and Editor of the JCP Digest (2014-2016) and is currently EFP Secretary General. Iain was President of the British Society of Periodontology in 2014-2015 and was awarded the Charles Tomes medal by the Royal College of Surgeons in 2011 and also the Rizzo Research Award of the IADR Periodontal Research Group in 2001. He leads Birmingham’s Periodontal Research Group, part of Birmingham’s MRC Centre for Immune Regulation has published over 160 peer reviewed manuscripts in the international scientific literature and is Director of Research for the Institute of Clinical Sciences. He runs a regional clinical NHS service for a population base of 6 million and also a national oral service for adults patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Time To Put The Mouth Back Into The Body: The Truth About Periodontal Systemic Links

In this presentation, Professor Chapple will explain the global challenge of chronic non-communicable diseases and the role of periodontitis in co-morbidity and in pre-mature mortality. He will share new data that provides insights into how periodontitis may produce systemic effects that contribute to cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases. Prof Chapple will illustrate these mechanisms with several video graphic sequences.


1.  To share the truth about periodontal-systemic connections according to the current evidence base.
2.  To visualise the impact of periodontitis as a chronic non-communicable disease (CNCD) and the role of the dental team in managing CNCDs.
3.  To glimpse into the future role of the dental team in medical management of their patients.

Learning Outcomes:

1.  Understand the impact of severe periodontitis upon life expectancy.
2.  Be able to confidently discuss and explain to patients the impact of oral health upon general health without alarming them.
3.  To understand how to engage with screening for and early diagnosis of CNCDs of ageing.