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Marco Ferrari

Marco Ferrari, graduated at School of Surgery and Medicine, of University of Pisa in 1983 and  in General Dentistry degree in 1987 at University of Siena.
In 1997-8 he attended the PostGraduate Program in Prosthodontics at Tufts University di Boston.
In 1995 he took his PhD degree at University of Amsterdam, defending a thesis on “Bonding to dental structures”.
In the mean time he started his carrier at the School of Dental Medicine at Tufts University of Boston and he was appointed progressively from Clinical Instructor to Assistent Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor and  finally  Research Full-Professor during the academic year 1999-2000.
Between  1997 and 1999-2000 he was teaching Dental Materials at the School of Dental Medicine of Siena University as Supplent Professor.
From October 2000, he was appointed Associate Professor at School of Dental Medicine, of Siena Facoltà University
In June 2001 Prof. Ferrari proposed and implemented the Ph D program in ‘Dental Materials and their clinical applications’ at University of Siena.
In June 2002, he was winner of concorse of full-professor position and starting the academic year 200-3 he was appointed full professor at Siena University, into the school of Dental Medicine. 
In July 2002 Prof. Ferrari was elected Dean of School of Dental Medicine, and he was renewed till 2018.
Between October 2003 and January 2006 he was appointed ‘Delegato del Rettore per le Relazioni Internazionali’ (Vice Rector of International Relations) of University of Siena. 
He also was the secretary of President of National Conference of Schools of Dental Medicine from 2006 and in 2009 was elected President of  the Italian Dental School Deans Association (2009-2016). He is now Past President of the National Conference of Schools of Dental Medicine and Segretary of Italian College of Professors in Dentistry.
In May 2005, he was als appointed Director of School of Ph D  in ‘Biotecnologies’.
From November 2012 he is the Director of the Dental and Medical Biotechnology Department of Siena University and coordinator of the Tuscan School of Dental Medicine of Florence and Siena University.
He is actually Professor of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry, University of Leeds, Visiting Professor at Rochester University, Eastman Center, USA, and Xi’an University, 4th Biomedical University, China.
He has always looked at internationalization of his School of Dental Medicine and of his research group.
The Ph D program is officially connected with other Universities  (X’ian University, Rochester University, S. Paulo, S. Paulo-Bauru, Granada, Gerusalemme, Berlino e Monaco di Baviera, Zagreb, Tufts University-Boston, Rengensburg, Paris VII e Marsiglia) and in this way he promoted an unique ‘dental scientific network’. There are some foreigner students and other Italian students coming from outside the region into the Ph D program.
All activities of the Ph D program are in english, very often foreign professors are coming for making class and exams to the Ph students and, for getting the Ph d, eahc student ha sto write as first author at least 2 papers and as coauthor other papers in impact factor journal in 4 years (www:unisi/eventi/dmca).
Prof. Ferrari was member of the Board of Accademia di Conservativa, and of Società di Odontoiatria Conservatrice and Italian Society of Osteointegration.
Actually he is Past-President elect of Academy of Dental Materials and Past President of European Federation of Conservative Dentistry and Past-President of Continental European Division (CED) of International Association of Dental Research (IADR).  He is now Tresuer of Dental Materials Group of IADR.
He was in the editorial board of several international dental journals with impact factor (such as Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Dentistry, J Endodontics, Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, American Journal of Dentistry, Dental Materials, Acta Odontologica Croatia, J Oral Sciences, Restorative Dentistry,) and he acts as referee of other 10 peer-reviewed impact factor dental journals. He is Scientific Editor of International Dentistry South Africa and Associate Editors of Prosthodontic Research & Practice and Clinical Editor of World Journal of  Dentistry.
He is author of more than 360 international publications (4/5 on dental journals with impact factor), of other 260 national publications and of 160 abstracts presented in international and national congress.
Actually his research field is mainly oriented to clinical trials on implants, restorative and prosthodontics.
Prof. Ferrari has more than 25000 citations and an H Index of 87.
The Marginal Seal in Adhesive, Traditional and Digital Dentistry: When is Clinical acceptable?
The problem about clinical acceptability of the margins is still an open issue.
We, as dentists, are daily pushed by the Industry and socials and media, to adopt ‘new’ clinical procedures and new devices, but often there is a lack of scientific evidence to support them. 
During the presentation the different ‘hot’ topics of restorative dentistry such as 1. type of preparation of finishing lines (vertical vs horizontal prep), 2. Cervical Margin Relocation, and 3. New available prosthodontic materials and related luting procedures and 4. the use IntraOral Scanner to take the final impression of natural abutments will be covered and, of course, correlate together to provide clinical advices for daily dentistry.
Advantages and limits of all above mentioned procedures will be shown, from technical and material point of views and in particular in relation with the periodontal tissues and their clinical behavior and response. It is not possible to get a prosthodontic success without a proper biological intergration of periodontal tissues.
Recent scientific knowledge and clinical experience will be examined to support  conclusions about what clinical behavior is, right now, indicated.