Remaining Time

Esra Yıldız

She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of  Dentistry in 1988. In 1994 she completed her doctorate study in Restorative Dentistry Department. In 1995 Dr. Yildiz studied as an invited reseacher at Katholic University of Leuven. In 2005 she got the title of Professor. Prof. Yıldız has many national and international articles which were prited in Sci and Sci expanded journals. Prof. Yıldız is also one of the editors and also the writers of  the book that titled “Esthetic and Functional Management of Diastema: A Multidisciplinary  Approch”. She is a member of EFCD, RDA and “Oral health-general health relationship  comission “of  TDA.

Complications and Solutions in Adhesive Restorations

Increasing aesthetic demands of the patients has led the dentists whether to perform adhesive restorations both in anterior and posterior dentition. Although the actual implementation of dentin adhesive systems may expose successful results immediately, especially in the long term clinical performance, insufficiency and degradation in the resin-dentin interface remains inevitable.
Both for direct and indirect restorations, basic principles and mechanisms of adhesive bonding capacity is closely associated with the application techniques. Starting with the diagnosis the patient through the process of the treatment, characteristics of the hard tissue, lesion and the type of adhesive material used mainly constructs an important role on the clinical success to reconfigure and achieve the desired function, phonation and esthetic outcome. 
The current panel will include the current and evidence-based information on the contemporary adhesive dentistry and address the clinical issues to handle the risks and decrease the complications of the adhesive applications which enables to maintain bio-functional conservative restorations.