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Meral Ünür

She was born in Bursa in 1955. In 1976, She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Unıversity of  İstanbul . In 1979, She was appointed research assistant to the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the same university. In 1981, She completed my Ph.D degree.  In 1990, She became an  associate professor.  In 1997, She became a professor . She is a member of scientific associations;
Association  of Turkish Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 
Association of  Turkish Oral Implantology 
Association of  Turkish Hemophilia 
European Association of Oral Medicine
She has published articles in numerous national and international journals, 2 book authors and 2 section  authors. She managed the 17 doctorate thesis. She participated in numerous congresses both at national and international. She gave seminars and conferences in many congresses.
Clinical and academic studies on oral mucosal diseases, oral cancers, hematologic diseases and systemic diseases (especially dermatological diseases) mouth symptoms and treatments are continuing.
She is married and has two children.

The Role of Dentist in Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer

The incidence of oral cancer is increasing all over the world. The researchers are studying on determining risk factors for this cancer and try to avoid cancer development. Oral cancers can be in the form of plaques or patches in red, red-white, brownish color. The faces can be seen in the ulcer, non-ulcer, shelled and fissure. Early diagnosis has an important place in prognosis, so the different types of oral cavity cancers in the clinical appearance in conjunction with the differential diagnosis by the dentist should be known. In the early diagnosis of oral cancer, awareness and knowledge of the dentists community and should be increased.