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Hakkı Tanyeri

Prof. Dr. Hakkı Tanyeri graduated from İstanbul University Dentistry Faculty in 1979. After  2 years in his private office ,attended postgraduate  in Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine and earned a DDS degree in 1988; granted his title of associate professor in 1995;  became a professor in 2001. He was  the chairman of the Oral Medicine Department for  2 terms. İn   2002-2005  and 2013   served as the Associate  Dean of İstanbul University Dentistry . His clinical work focuses mainly on  oral medicine, oral surgery and implantology ; has attented many congresses as  national and international active lecturer ; was the chairman of European Association of Oral Medicine congress  in 2014 and Oral Facial Surgery International Congress  in 2017 and Editorial Board of  the Turkish Journal of Dentistry ;is  the author of  9 books  has more than 150 national and international scientific articles.
Concerning his abroad experience in   England Mary’s University Hospital as a Honorary Registar and in  1998-1999   trained in Graz, Austria Karl-Fransez Universitaet.
He is an active member of;

  • İstanbul University Dentistry Faculty Board Member
  • Turkısh Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society
  • European Association of Oral Medicine
  • Chairman of Board of Directors of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The Affect of False Prosthetic Reconstruction and Mechanic Trauma On Oral Cancer

Nowadays  oral cancer is an universal health problem  as any other cancer seen in any society.
Oral cancer has an multifactorial etiology. As though is an multifactorial disease chronic irritation and viral infection has been charged for being  one of the real factors causing the disease. The awareness and the resposibility of the dentists concerning oral cancer is of importance. Oral cavity is of the most affective working area for the dentists. For this reason the dentist is the one who is responsible fort he cancerous and precancerous lesions detected or undetected in the oral cavity.
İn this presentation the factors causing oral diseases and the false prosthetic rehabilitation treatments and the lesions caused by these will be presented together with their photos.